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Maria Atienza is a leather bags and accessories firm created by Maria Atienza.

Her project took place in Winter 2015 in a famous and traditional spanish tannery: Curtidos Atienza S.A, where just 100% vegetable tanned leather is manufactured. The brand combines different styles and try to break up with the contemporary fast fashion market. Fashion runs, changes and comes back never letting us to enjoy our purchases. That is why each Maria Atienza ítem is manufactured using just the finest quality materials that will last a lifetime. We create and change collections less frequently in order to reduce waste at each step of the production process. Everything is made never loosing the attention to both modern and elegant style.

Moreover every ítem is handcrafted by highly skilled artisans of long tradition. You will easily notice the attention that they pay to their job. Every step from tanning to packaging is done in Spain.

Our Leather

Maria Atienza has created two different collections in order to satisfy all necessities. The collection "Be Mine" combines luxury vegetable leather and suede in such a unique bag designed boh for urban and modern woman. The "Leather is the New Fashion" is  addressed to a more classic and elegant style, made of 100% vegetable tanned leather.

The vegetable tanned leather made in Curtidos Atienza do not contain any chemical substances but only natural extract such as Mimosa and Quebracho. It is not dangerous for human skin and its process respects the environment. The leather finish is very natural and any slight in colour or texture is a typical sign of high quality leather that will differentiate every piece from the other. We like that every piece is unique and unrepeatable.

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